EDGE Roundtable: TOP 10 INNOVATION SPARKS August-2018


We came together August 17, 2018 (third Fridays) at the EDGE Innovation Roundtable, to connect, learn, and innovate.

We were joined by our keynote speaker, Monica Dominic of Monica’s Cooking.

Monica shared her story of being diagnosed with SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) and the dietary discoveries that improved her health. Her passion for food and health have spun into a thriving business that helps others deal with their own dietary challenges. 

We discussed, "How do we innovate food to prevent disease?" 


  1. Local Government Love
    Public-Private partnerships are powerful. Get to know your local government economic development teams — they want to help you grow your food brands and improve lives in your community.
  2. Reshape the Shopping Model
    How can technology bring us fresh, organic, chemical-free, preservative-free, natural foods everyday?
  3. How the Sausage was Made
    How can we use blockchain technology to promote transparency? How can we further develop a decentralized ledger to reveal detailed information about our foods paths and processes?
  4. Siesta!
    Americans would benefit from taking time to make better food choices. 2-hour lunch breaks increase the accessibility of food for optimal health. How do we innovate food choice for busy people?
  5. Power to the People
    Industries will follow the demands of their customers. When people demand food for optimal health, industry will evolve to create it. 
  6. Food School
    How do we make students excited about nutrition? How do we teach a generation of children to demand the best foods for their minds and bodies? 
  7. Grow Local Go
    How can we incentivize health through family friendly destinations that educate and feed for optimal health — community gardens, Farmer’s Markets, and Farm Parks.
  8. Grow Home
    Homes should be designed with food production in mind. Kitchens could be hydroponic mini farms with vertical gardens that feed your family.
  9. Schedule 1
    What if High Fructose Corn Syrup, pesticides, and antibiotics in food were classified as Schedule 1 Drugs in the U.S.?
  10. Conscious Consumerism
    How do we align brands around the prevention of disease? How could lifestyle branding contribute for good?

Special thanks to our sponsors: Buzzsaw Brewing Company and Eden Burger.

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