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EDGE Roundtable Announcement: August 17, 2018


Join us for the EDGE Innovation Roundtable to connect, learn, and innovate the food industry. 

On the third Friday of every month, we connect with a diverse community of inspiring people, learn about the future of food, and spark innovations that will make the world a better place.


How do we innovate food to prevent disease?


Monica Dominic of Monica’s Cooking.

Monica grew up in a pasta-eating-pizza-loving-bagel-devouring Italian family. She was born with a passion for food in her soul. About four years ago she was diagnosed with some crazy illnesses and her life became a consistent path of hospital visits, doctors offices, medication, and continually fighting belly issues. With a grim diagnosis of life-long medication, she decided to follow a different path. Monica found the fix was found in her food. She committed her life to properly fueling her body and began to share her recipes. This led down a crazy path of growth. She now has a fabulous website dedicated to helping people find comfort in food, her own line of food sold in many different states, and is always looking to help others.


August 17, 2018 (third Fridays)

2pm-4pm Roundtable
4pm-5pm social hour

Bring a friend. We're looking forward to the discussion.


EDGE Innovation Hub
1130 Gahanna Pkwy, Gahanna, Ohio 43230


Refreshments provided by BeeHex and Buzzsaw Brewing Company.

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