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EDGE Roundtable Announcement: October 19, 2018



Q: What Innovation Sparks might lead a local food brand to expand its product offering?

Join us for our final EDGE Innovation Roundtable of the 2018 season. On the third Friday of the month, we connect with a diverse community of inspiring people and spark innovations that push food technology to the EDGE.


Erika Boll of The Toasted Oat.

Erika’s love of baking started when she was a little girl hanging out in her Grandmother Margaret’s kitchen. At the age of 33, Erika was diagnosed with Celiac disease and her avocation underwent a seismic shift. All those cookies…all those cakes…all those amazing baked goods she had learned to bake, and perfect, and love…all had to be completely recreated to be gluten-free or never be enjoyed again.

Since to Erika the latter option was, quite simply, unthinkable, she took to the kitchen and The Toasted Oat was born. Made from exceptional, real ingredients, every Toasted Oat item is free of additives, free of anything artificial, and completely and totally free of gluten.

Heritage recipes made modern is what The Toasted Oat is all about, and indulgence is not only encouraged, but actually good for you!


October 19, 2018

3pm - 5pm


EDGE Innovation Hub (BeeHex Conference Room)
1130 Gahanna Pkwy, Gahanna, Ohio 43230



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