Wavemaker at the EDGE

Buck Jordan, Kimberly Ng, and Jim Grote

Buck Jordan, Kimberly Ng, and Jim Grote

Check out Buck Jordan, Kimberly Ng (Wavemaker Labs), and Jim Grote (founder of Donatos Pizza, the Grote Company, and the EDGE Innovation Hub) in front of a “Pepomatic” automated pepperoni applicator. Jim’s invention of the original Pepomatic in 1972 started the Grote Company and a legacy of innovation in food.

We were thrilled to be joined at the EDGE, the Grote Company, and Donatos by Wavemaker Labs, a Los Angeles VC firm, for a discussion on the future of food and partnering to further our food tech missions.

Wavemaker is doing some groundbreaking work in food industry innovation, including Miso Robotics and ChowNow, among many others.