EDGE Talks: "Bottoms Up"
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EDGE Talks: "Bottoms Up"




EDGE Talks inspire and connect the food industry

> Food industry leaders inspire innovation by sharing their stories.

> Food industry partners connect and expand their network. 

Join us at the EDGE Innovation Hub for the last EDGE Talks of the 2019 season.

Social hour following with drinks, fresh baked pizzas, and the power of love.

FREE — All are welcome to get in on the future of food.


Greg Lehman, Watershed Distillery

Greg is a Founder and CEO of Watershed Distillery and has been involved in all aspects of running the business since inception. He has a passion for business and is an entrepreneur at heart. After a stint playing pro-volleyball in Switzerland, he began a career in sales working his way from small manufacturing company in North Carolina to the pharmaceutical world. That entrepreneurial passion led him to leave his corporate job to start Watershed in 2010. Greg has worked to expand the business to a present-day team of nearly fifty employees, and has been instrumental in growing Watershed Distillery into the largest revenue Ohio-based distillery.  

Greg helped organize and was one of the founding three members of the Ohio Distillers Guild and currently serves as the guild’s president. Through the guild he has been instrumental in changing the law in Ohio to help the distilling industry. After helping pass a law to allow distilleries to open onsite restaurants, he orchestrated the opening of a Kitchen and Bar at Watershed that has earned recognition as one of the top restaurants in Columbus, Ohio.


John Lynch, Rambling House Soda

John started Rambling House Soda in the summer of 2013. The company first produced kegs of non-alcoholic soda for private events, festivals, and their own retail location. The Rambling House production facility and retail location eventually grew into a full bar and music venue. As the bar and music venue grew the production facility also needed more space and the decision was made to move soda production into a new building in 2016.

In 2018 Rambling House raised funds through an equity crowdshare and brought on over 200 shareholders. This raise provided needed investment in the production facility and other areas of the business. Rambling House now produces it’s own line of non-alcoholic sodas, a line of private label Root Beer in cans, a distilled spirit based Mule, and is working on a CBD infused beverage.


Kathryn Dougherty, Spritz Sparkling Tea

Kathryn Dougherty, MBA, is the founder of Spritz Beverages, a start-up that develops and markets a line of deliciously flavored, softly sparkling tea infusions. Recognizing a gap in the market for non-alcoholic drink alternatives, especially those that appeal to women and female athletes, Kathryn began experimenting with different flavor combinations. The initial formulations of Spritz sparkling tea are available now for pre order at www.spritzbev.com and customers can follow our journey on Instagram @SpritzBev.


Mark Tinus, Simple Times Mixers

Mark is the Founder and President of Simple Times Mixers, founded in 2017. His corporate career has been a tour around the Beverage industry starting with Brewing for Anheuser-Busch in Columbus and Newark, NJ. He then consulted on multiple Marketing, Corporate Strategy and Sales Strategy projects for beverage companies like Bacardi and Heineken, before taking on a Marketing Director role with Heineken in their Caribbean and Central American markets. After he made the choice to leap out of the corporate life, he started up a Spirits business specializing in International fusion, started in 2015, with a brand called Karate Cowboy, as a Sake infused Spirit. Finding a passion in collaborating within the community he began making custom mixes for Craft Spirits which ultimately turned into the non-alcoholic venture of Simple Times Mixers.

Simple Times Mixers just had their two year anniversary in September of 2017 with this year being a foundational year investing in state-wide distribution and a new production facility in Gahanna, OH. The new production facility is also set up with their first retail shop and ability to do tours and corporate events. They use only real ingredients starting with fresh produce and making easy to pour cocktail mixers that only require the addition of alcohol. With the expanded operation they can also continue their efforts to support local, now having 5 farmer partners within the state for ingredient sourcing.


Rich Hennosy, Buckeye Lake Brewery

I was working in Graphic Production field for over 20 years and had seen technology take over to the point where just about anyone with a computer could do my job. It just didn't require the expertise that it used to take graphics to print. It was time to find another career. While browsing the internet one night, I came across the probrewer.com website. I was transfixed on the site and its forum for three days. Seeing how brewers were helping other brewers by answering questions and providing advice, made me realize that this was a field that needed to be explored further. Another internet search on "how to open your own brewery" brought up the Colorado Boy Brewery Immersion Course for aspiring brewers. I took the 5 day class in Ridgeway, Colorado a couple of months later. In just a few hours I knew I was on to something. I struck up a friendship with Tom Hennessey, owner of Colorado Boy and instructor of the class. Tom became a mentor and advised me on all aspects of opening the brewery. It took about 1 1/2 years after the class to get the doors open.

We opened on February 5, 2012. Super Bowl Sunday and no television (we since have added a tv). The pub was packed until 5:00 pm, then by 6:00 it was empty as customers headed for their television sets. It was a great day.

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Grand Opening


Join us for the Grand Opening of the EDGE Innovation Hub.

Tour the new space for food tech innovation and join innovators who are making our community and world a better place.

• 12pm-1pm — Enjoy Donatos Pizza for lunch

• 1pm-1:30pm — Dedication from our founder, Jim Grote

• 9am-4pm — We’ll be open and Smart Columbus will be here — Test drive electric vehicles and transport our city to the future. Sign up to test drive here… https://smartcbus.com/donatos-tuesday/

Click here to RSVP on Eventbright

Also, smart Columbus will host test drives of electric vehicles and help us transport our city to the future. Sign up to drive... https://smartcbus.com/donatos-tuesday/

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EDGE Talks: "World Savers" 04/19/19

EDGE Talks inspire and connect
We inspire innovation through stories by two featured food industry leaders.
We connect by networking food industry partners, helping us all thrive.

Join us on the 3rd Friday of the month at the EDGE Innovation Hub.

Social hour following from 5pm-6pm.

All are welcome to get in on the future of food.

IOR logo.jpg

Innovative Organics Recycling is an Ohio EPA licensed composting company located in Columbus, Ohio. Our mission is to achieve Zero Food Waste in the Columbus region by forming strategic partnerships with local grocers, restaurants, schools, large and small solid waste districts, various neighborhood organizations, community based non - profits, residents, and businesses. The goal will be to provide these stakeholders and all residents with the tools, the knowledge base, and several innovative services to prevent food waste from ending up in our landfills. Our specialty soils and innovative services will create local jobs using environmentally sustainable and locally created raw materials, support local food production, and support the creation and growth of complimentary local businesses. We are driven by the unlimited possibilities.


Eden Burger has one mission: Save the world. By using only plant-based, organic ingredients, we hope to reduce the detrimental impact of the animal agriculture industry and harmful pesticides on our planet and ourselves. We strive to produce the most accessible and delicious plant-based meals by making them affordable and fast, and therefore available to people of all demographics and socioeconomic backgrounds. Everyone should have access to minimally processed, quick meals and we are here to provide them.

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